Athento is an online content platform that enables digital workplaces for businesses by integrating processes, documents, and data. Athento helps around 10K users working for B2B companies, to process claims, manage customer on-boarding  or simply deal with digital content. In some cases, those users spend most of their workday in front of Athento. 

My contribution

Although the company has been in the market for more than 15 years, it has the culture of a startup. The team is small and Product Marketing, Product Development, and Delivery services work very closely with each other.  My role is responsible for making sure that the current  Athento users enjoy working with our software, as well as for ensuring that the product has everything it needs to be fit to solve the work challenges of more and more users. 


Building a digital content management platform from scratch

After working with other ECM platforms for a while, Jose Luis de La Rosa -our CEO en Technical Director- started to develop his own platform. He believed that ECM software needed to be more agile, easy to deploy, and easy to set up. He also wished for this kind of software to be smarter. So he decided to create a new tool for current customers. 

I believed from the start in his vision of the product and as a team, we started the adventure of trying to build the best Enterprise Content Management Platform ever seen!

Our beautiful adventure has gotten big...

We have an incredible team. Victor Sanchez -CTO- is a bright mind. He is technically skilled, but he is also an artist, and designing beautiful things is his thing. In 2019, from my clumsy mockups and wireframes, Victor designed and coded our app for iOS.

Best part of the journay is the journey itself

Learning from the users every day

My colleague  Cristina Calle -in charge of the Project and Delivery team- and I had to learn to understand what end-users need. Visiting them, talking to them, seeing how they work before Athento and how they do after implementation. It was rough at times, but we learned massively. 

In my journey in Product Marketing for Athento, other colleagues have also walked with me this path, with users in Argentina, Colombia, Spain, and other countries. 

I wish I can mention all of them here, the ones that still make part of our team and the ones that had to continue their own path (Santy Urbaneja, José María Jimenez, Angélica Cuevas, Alejandro Fernandez, Nathalia Reyes, Antonio Stoner, Ruben Lirio and a long, etc.).

It is an honor to work with you guys!

...Still a long way to go ...

There is a lot to do for us still. Work is not finished and it will probably never be. But our commitment is to serve better to our users every day and to be able to reach more and more users. 

Do you want to know more? Try Athento yourself.