Book: Estrategia Digital de Marketing & Ventas para Startups



After years working for a tech startup and helping other firms as consultants, Almudena Delgado and I decided to take a step further. Why not try to help, reaching more people than through consulting? We decided to write down our knowledge about Marketing and Sales in the startup environment. The book aims to help all those launching tech products and that don’t know where to start, how to take care of opportunities coming through the web, how to structure a content strategy, and a lot of other things that are hard to work out when starting a new business.

My contribution

I love writing. It is the way I relate to the word. It comes very naturally to me. Unfortunately, writing a book is not only about actual writing. Writing a book is about reviewing and rewriting a draft over and over until you feel a little be comfortable with the results. That’s tough and you never feel fully content about it. But lucky me, I counted on Almudena, who is able to see the details and who is very obsessed with making things the right way. She is the best co-writer, editor, and adventure partner you can wish for.

estrategia digital de marketing y ventas libro

Writing a book requieres a lot of perseverance and discipline

It took us 3 months of hard work. Every evening after work, we sat down and start writing or editing until our eyes allowed us. But it was also beautiful to see the book grow and become something to be proud of, especially after Nuria Báez finished the design and layout of the book. We loved it!

Our beautiful book saw the ligth in the first quarter of 2015

We launched first the paperback. I still remember the day I received at home the first copy! OMG, couldn’t be happier! We received a lot of support from the technology community in Malaga and also got nice reviews from important Spanish business leaders and teachers. Sometime after, we also launch the digital version of the book.

...Still helping start-ups ...

Although some years had passed, the content of the book remains very useful. We are happily surprised every so often when someone reviews, shares, or comment about how the book has helped them. 

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